Modifying the Display

This page lets you modify certain aspects of the site’s display:

These buttons should make immediate changes to the display of this page. If they don’t, there’s probably some sort of version mismatch between my style sheets and your browser.

My intention is always to have valid style sheets, and to avoid browser- or platform-specific methods. I test major changes to the blog structure in Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but I don’t have regular access to Macs or Unix machines so I rely on readers’ reports in those cases.

Settings you specify on this page apply to every page on this site. If you encounter problems with this functionality, please let me know. It helps to know which browser and what kind of computer (PC, Mac…) you use.

Color Scheme

These buttons select the color scheme for the nav bar and the empty space around the main column: the original dark-green background with gold text, or an off-white background with dark-green text.

Column Width

Column width buttons set the width of the text column: the original “mid-size” column assumes a full-screen browser window, while the “wide” column uses the space on the right edge for text. This should be helpful for small monitors and crowded screens.

Text Size

In Opera and Mozilla, the text size buttons select the original “medium” font size, a slightly larger, or a slightly smaller font size for the main text column.

In Internet Explorer, the large font setting has no effect. I don’t know why—I tried a number of combinations, but in no case would IE render more than two font sizes. If you know why, and especially if you know how to fix this, please use the comment form below to let me know.

You're welcome to use this form for private as well as public comments; but if you don't want your comments posted to this site, please say so explicitly. As far as I know, this form works in every case, unless you're running XP (and if so, why?). If you have problems with this form, send your comment to

All fields are optional.